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It is clear that while women trust women’s services to assist them after being attacked, they obviously do not trust the state agent that is responsible to protect women from male violence, the police.

By Hilla Kerner
July 25, 2012

The message to women is “don’t you dare complain about sexual harassment”. The RCMP want women to suck it up and shut up. Otherwise, you will be trashed and accused of lying or being mentally ill.

By Hilla Kerner
July 18, 2012

Misogynist, sexist behaviour of police officers is one of the key reasons why women do not come forward to report to the police cases of rape and sexist violence. We do not trust this officer and the agency he is a part of to protect women from male violence.

By Hilla Kerner
July 5, 2012

The Coalition is demanding that the Court acknowledge that, given the systematic inequality between women and men, no one has the constitutional right to buy and sell women's bodies for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

June 16, 2011

We recognized just how many demands made several years ago to improve police responses have still not been met and recommitted/ decided that they are still worth campaigning for. One such simple example is that 911 calls, initial police responses be fully documented as public records.

By Louisa Russell
May 2008

An investigative report into one hundred cases of violence against women; in all cases the women tried to get help from the system. 
 It is a harrowing account of individual women's stories, their understanding of the danger they faced, their attempts to get help, the incompetence and/or indifference they met, and, in those cases where someone was willing to prosecute, their vulnerability under/within the law.

By Lee Lakeman

In VRR’s submission, it is apparent that Bonnie Mooney was one of the many women “abandoned by the system,” to her very great cost. It is also apparent that real change, not impression management, is required as inadequate police responses to women’s complaints of male violence contributes to its perpetuation, devalues women, and fails to protect their security of person. In the result, violent men are not stopped or deterred from engaging in further acts of violence, women reasonably lose confidence in the justice system, and women’s Charter rights to equality and security of the person are violated.


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