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Women’s Poverty & Economic Security

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With a Guaranteed Livable Income, women would not have to be economically dependent on men. It would increase women’s ability to resist exploitation and abuse from bosses, co-workers, landlords, pimps, and battering husbands.

By Dani
July 4, 2020

British Columbia must provide concrete options to leave prostitution, including a guaranteed livable income, safe affordable housing and addiction mental health services.

By Karla Gjini
June 28, 2019

A Guaranteed Livable Income must be set high enough to meet adequate standards of living. It should provide all basic necessities such as a nutritious diet, safe adequate housing, transportation, and allow for discretionary spending to enhance full participation in community life.

By Maria Wong
August 15, 2017

Understanding that the poverty of women is an equality issue obligates the federal government to secure and ensure economic independence for the women in Canada

By Hilla Kerner
September 27, 2010

The BC CEDAW Group is a coalition of women’s non-governmental and non-profit British Columbia organizations that are committed to advancing the equality interests of women and girls.

September 2008

Women in Canada expect full and generous provision for all people’s basic needs from the common wealth. Social and collective provision for sustaining life must be generous and secure in Canada and must be delivered through national mechanisms appropriately influenced and controlled by the women of our many specific communities.

By Lee Lakeman, Angela Miles, and Linda Christiansen-Ruffman
September 20, 2004

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