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What we are creating is an organizing centre for women. Women will be able to support each other, educate each other with the stories of their lives, and move into action. Our office is already beginning to look like a transition house. On any given day yo will find kids, dogs, telephones ringing, the typewriters flying and women – all kinds of women. But it’s not enough just to hear stories. To end our oppression, we need to join together and fight back collectively. All women need the women’s movement. Therefore, the movement must be accessible – to all women.

By Joni Miller
February 1981

We were there for each other, for women who called, of all ages and situations. We met women in their apartments and rooms and homes. We talked and supported, and cried and laughed. We helped to find women safe places to stay. We were advocates and went with women to emergency wards, to police, to courts. We spoke, wrote letters, pressed for legal changes. We spoke at schools, on radio on women’s T V shows. We linked up with other rape crisis centers – and became a network. We supported the work towards a transition house for women. And always women supporting women.

March 8, 2008

What probably has not changed is that working at Rape Relief exposes you to so many different women…. Underlining the fact that sexual assault does not show preference to class, physical appearance, religion, economics or lifestyle. While many of the women I met lived lives completely foreign to my own, it was not difficult to find shared experiences almost at once.

March 8, 2008

In the earliest days, Vancouver Rape Relief (VRR) operated with only a phone line, posters to promote Canada’s first rape crisis line, and a small group of women determined to gather many others to learn about male violence from one another and work together to end men’s violence against women.

March 8, 2008

Women who called the rape crisis line also needed a place to escape from the violent assaults committed by their abusive partners, husbands and fathers. Our collective created the House Funding Committee (now known as The Friends of Rape Relief) to raise funds for the down payment on a transition house.

By Alice Lee
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What we offer

Peer Counselling
Grouping with other women
Advocacy with police
Accompainment to a sexual assault exam
Housing for women and children escaping violence

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